by Hello Jupiter

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This work tackles odd concepts such as the detriment of technology on society, getting struck by cars, and becoming widowed; all articulated in a through-composed fashion. It is best listened to at a high volume.

Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy it.


released September 30, 2014

Evgeni Iattcheni - Guitar/Vocals
Maxwell Rudkin - Bass/Vocals
Jon O'Rourke - Drums/Bells

Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered at Vudu Studios by the hands of:
Tom Happel, Mike Watts, and Frank Mitaritonna

Additional thanks to:
Jock Cooper (Artist on Album Art)
Yevgeniya Ryaboy (Artist of Logo)
Eastern Stage Productions (Use of Equipment and Practice Space)




Hello Jupiter New York, New York

We are three best friends who love to write music together. Life tends to pull us in all sorts of directions and this pulls us all right back. Thank you for listening to us and we really hope that you enjoy what we have to give you.

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Track Name: Crystal Math
Together, but alone…
We talk through satellites when we are home.
A hive-mind of optic lines,
A construct of boundless design.

What do you know?
What have you seen?
Nothing but numbers displayed on a screen.
Nothing in here is as it seems…
No air from your lungs used to say what you mean.

Self-imposed code walls you regard before touch.
All knowing empty skull digital crutch.
An extension of your mind.

Take me back to when we were young,
Screaming nonsense at everyone.
Take me back to when we were young,
Do we notice what we have done?
What would I say to me now?

Who have you decided to be today?
Would you trade real life for fantasy?
A landscape of pulse waves transmitting soul.
Can you see choice? Is this out of control?
Transmuted signal graffiti in space,
Spiraling forward at a rapid rate.
No recognition. No thought is hidden.
No recognition.
Track Name: Impasse
One misstep, and I could have thrown it all away.
A phantom threw me into space, to wonder if the end.
As I’m on my way back to the ground, I did not hear a single sound, momentum halted.
I am alive, but I’m not well.

I shot up, trembling, checking what I had left.
Speech faltered, I was in more pieces than I started.

So many pairs of eyes wondered what had transpired.
A red reflection of my making.
Cue the sirens.

Nurse me back to health.

I never thought a gurney would hold me soaked in my blood, I can’t help but smile.
I’m sorry for the scare, purge your fear; I’ll be here tomorrow.

All my life to live.
So much left to give to the people that I love.
Engraved in memory, I’m thankful for each moment that’s left in front of me.
Track Name: Mother
Break a smile, before time collides to release her ghost; don’t let her know.

Never her sullied, I’m worried that I’ll never divulge our woe.
Choose this forever; would that be better than letting her know?
Never a memory, I hope that she’ll send me, as night breaks my mind.
Life was so perfect: I earned it through hard work, and loved what was mine.
And now I’m left with stones in my chest, trying to find a way to tell her that nothing is left, she’ll never find…

Sleep my sweet little child.
Sleep my sweet little child.

I will carry on with this lie!
For her love.
No do not lie, not this time!
This is for your self,
To hide away from the truth that will lay waste to it all.

And now I can feel her in my bones.
You know I can see her in our home.